Strength - Diversity - Ambition - Power


telling the story of women within the primary industries from around the world.




AgWomen is a year long project, profiling 365 different women, who've all made an impact in the primary industries, no matter the level of their contribution. We launch with the premise that no longer this theory of 'tall poppy syndrome' is a negative one, rather creates an opportunity to celebrate success and share the stories of those women who help to shape our Industry.

We also want to include dynamic content throughout the project, with short video snippets, notes of encouragement, celebrations of success within our community and more. It really is about celebrating these women's contribution, encouraging the next generation to follow in their footsteps and connect a global community of like-minded people who can celebrate their successes together.  


To date we have collected over 300 stories and we are so close to finishing we can taste it. To ensure the sustainability of this project for our team, we require support from our crowd.