After growing up on a dairy farm just out of Matamata, Krystal De Haas didn't expect to be share milking years later, on the other side of town with her own family. As a child growing up she loved the outdoors building hay huts, riding horses, possum shooting, eeling and later on helping cover maize stacks, relief milking and helping herd test for her own Mum and Dad but also neighbours.

But being a female Krystal also loved fashion, gaining a placing at the Ag Art awards later in college before going on to complete a diploma in Fashion. She worked in the industry for a couple of years in Morrinsville, before changing tack and going on to complete a degree in Early Childhood Education.

As well as having a passion for fashion and children since meeting her husband Krystal has also found herself enjoying being back on the farm. Something she has found to be nice, having the variety of teaching and farming. "I love that balance of farming and teaching, I find there is something about farming that is very soothing, and cows don't answer you back."

Krystal and her husband, Aaron, have been farming on her father in laws farm for over 8 years, and are now 50/50 share milking 390 cows on 110h. Krystal takes on the role of relief milker and helps out over calving, something that she has found a bit more challenging since the arrival of their son Saxon last year. The couple also have a 40h lease block across the road, where they grow maize and raise the young stock. This block is a lot hillier but with amazing views that over look Matamata, and now has an extra special hill side spot where Aaron proposed to Krystal.

"I really enjoyed the farming lifestyle and the benefits it offers for children. We are spoilt for choice with such luxuries as farm walks, the Kaimai views and visiting Poppa & Nana and their many animals right at our back door. As Saxon grows up it will be nice to watch him get to experience the same childhood opportunities I had. For me family is very important, so to be able to work along side family as well as sharing this lifestyle amongst them with calf club, tractor rides and beekeeping to name a few is very heartwarming and what life is all about."

It is amazing how the rural life seems to call so many home! Krystal, we love the sentiment that you use around working alongside your family, and growing your future generations with the same experiences that you had