Georgia Davies grew up on a lifestyle block near Oxford, Canterbury. She was a horsey girl but not necessarily farmy, and originally wanted to get into physiotherapy. But an opportunity to show beef cattle with Woolstone Park Lowlines introduced Georgia to agriculture and that was it.

Between high school and university Georgia took a gap year and ventured over to the states to Camp America where she taught horse riding. On her return she was offered a job calf rearing, which turned into a full time dairy assistant position. In 2012 Georgia began studying towards a Bachelor of Agricultural Science.

When Georgia turned 21 her parents wanted to buy her an in calf heifer of her choice. She chose an Angus and this was the foundation cow for her stud Blackrose Angus. Georgia has since started the slow and steady growth in her numbers, slowed by some bad luck each year. This involvement in Angus cattle has also given her the opportunity to travel the world. In 2016 she spent two months travelling Australia on the Angus NZ Trans Tasman Exchange, visiting Angus studs in NSW and VIC.

In July 2016 Georgia started as a graduate with Ballance Agri-Nutrients, based in Feilding and has since transitioned into a Nutrient Specialist role, covering the Pahiatua region. Being a Nutrient Specialist comes with its challenges, especially when it is determined by the weather.

"Wet conditions for the past 18 months has taken its toll on the land but being able to get out on farm, talk to farmers and provide solutions to help counteract the season is highly rewarding. This type of job is unique in that I get to see different and interesting parts of the country that no one else would know about unless they had reason to go there - It is very special."

In June this year, Georgia travelled to Scotland with seven other NZ Angus youth to compete at the World Angus Forum, and represent New Zealand on the world stage in the beef industry. Georgia's NZ team came a close second behind the other kiwi team. On top of work and travels, Georgia is highly involved in the organising and running of the Manawatu & West Coast A&P Association. Her partner Ben Burgess is the show president and Georgia runs the marketing, media and advertising side of the show. It has been a good way to get involved in the Manawatu community.

Georgia Davies 2.jpg

The couple currently live out of Feilding on their 10acre block with the usual array of animals, Georgia's horse, Ben's stud Hereford cows, pet lambs, pigs and their fur baby Meowl Meowl. Their goal for the near future is to find a local lease block so Georgia can bring her cattle up from the South Island. The end goal is farm ownership and to build up both Georgia's Angus stud and Ben's Hereford stud to become successful breeders.

"Being involved with beef industry is something that I am truly passionate about. I have come up through showing cattle, getting involved in the stud and breeding side of things and helping encourage other youth into the industry. I have also competed at Future Beef several times and now Ben and I have taken the chance to mentor some younger people and giving them the opportunity to learn and compete – just as we were given. Giving back to the youth in our industry is extremely important to both of us – for me I thoroughly enjoy seeing them achieve and growing from their successes. I know for certain that if I wasn’t given the opportunity when I was 16, I would not be living the life I am now. Farming is not just a job for me, it is a passion and a lifestyle. Everything I do is to further my knowledge and experience and I am determined to prove that agriculture, farming and stud breeding doesn’t have to be in the blood."

Just a little taste of the ag life got you hooked Georgia. It is super cool to hear how you have taken every opportunity and embraced your role as an AgWomen. Good luck in reaching your goals!