Not from a farming background, Emma Pollitt grew up in the North Island town of Gisborne. On leaving high school she ventured to the Wairarapa and completed training at Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre. She began her farming career as a shepherd before moving into working with large animals at a vet clinic in Wairoa. An opportunity to move home to Gisborne saw Emma take up her current role as a Technical Field Representative for PGG Wrightson.

Since becoming involved in the primary sector and through Taratahi, Emma has discovered that her true passion lies within the beef industry, particularly showing and judging of stud and prime stock for breeders and farmers. Involving herself in various aspects of New Zealand's beef youth movement. Not coming from a farming background, she has relied on the generosity of our country’s beef producers to be enablers of her growth and achievements within the movement.

Emma has competed in youth stock judging competitions at A and P Shows with great success. Recently returning from Melbourne representing NZ at the Australasian Sheep Judging Young Judges Final. Other notable achievements include participation at the World Angus Forum NZ Youth Team 2013 & 2017 (winning gold in Scotland in 2017), 2017 RAS National Young Beef Judge Champion, and 2017 RAS national young beef parader champion. Not one to sit back, Emma also involves herself in many community and advocacy positions supporting agriculture. She is a Generation Angus Committee member, the 2016 Allflex Senior Beef Ambassador and Chairman of the Gisborne Young Farmers Club.

"My passion is stud stock. I find genetic gain exciting; progress is essential. Our future markets depend on our farmers being able to provide a premium product and a safe, consistent eating experience. I believe our breeders have the opportunity to influence our future prospects by utilizing genetic technologies and promoting progeny with a superior carcass whilst retaining the strength of structure, fertility and longevity our stock should naturally carry."

Lifting production and intensifying systems through farm development compliments Emma's passion. Within her role as a Technical Field Rep for PGG Wrightson, she is working alongside farmers and assisting them to make educated agronomic, animal health and development decisions. The farmer can facilitate the opportunity for stock to reach their full genetic potential through many aspects, and Emma finds it very satisfying to be part of the equation when this potential is reached.

"For me, agriculture has been as much about the people as it has been the stock. They’re a big part of the reason I am where I am today, and a big reason as to why I love the industry. The camaraderie between men, women and children of our rural communities is very unique, and is something I’ve witnessed in the sector all around the world. It’s so rewarding being part of an industry whose people openly support and encourage the next generation and recognize us as progressive and open thinkers."

We love how you have embraced the industry Emma, but you have also highlighted how the industry has embraced you. Which is super important in the growth and development of not only the beef sector, but the primary industries in general. Keep up the great work!