Growing up on a beef and sheep farm meant Sammy Howorth was always surrounded by animals, and this is where she is happiest! As a child she dreamt of becoming a vet, however her dreams were quickly shattered when she received her exam results at college. So instead, Sammy went on to Harper Adams University and studied Animal Behaviour and Welfare, not really knowing where it would lead. 

As part of the course she completed a placement year working for a vets in West Sussex; she was based on a dairy farm doing trial work and it was here that she developed a love for dairy cows. In Sammy's spare time she would hassle the vets to take her out with them or let her tag along to their “student training days” or clinical meetings. It was a huge learning curve for her being introduced to the dairy world!

After finishing her study, Sammy started work at Lambert, Leonard & May (LLM) Farm Vets in Lancashire as a Vet Tech. She describes the practice as a fantastic, forward-thinking business to work for and she got involved in everything on offer. Here she is able to organise her own diary and has her own routines jobs to attend. Generally she finds herself vaccinating and disbudding calves on farm but often gets involved in other areas such as mobility scoring, body condition scoring, sample collections to name a few. 

"I love visiting farms and finding out how different people do things; I always find it incredible how many ways there are to rear a calf!! No two farms do it the same, yet no way seems perfect! I have a fantastic relationship with all of my clients which makes the job so much more rewarding. And it means every day I am around people who are interested in the same things as me, I am forever asking questions and learning new things all the time. I know I still have a lot to learn about the workings of a dairy farm!"

Sammy describes the vet tech service as invaluable to farmers, as they ensure easy to put off jobs are done and at the right time. It is her hope that the vet tech role will continue to expand and farmers will begin to rely on the service for more jobs on farm. Sammy loves her job as every day is different with so much variety in the tasks she does, as well as the farms she visits!

Sammy, we love how you have found your place in the Ag world and made it work for you. Your passion and determination will see you go far!