Growing up on a sheep farm on the Cornwall coast, there was never any doubt in Ruth Wills’ mind that agriculture was a part of her. Waddling round the farm in her waterproofs as a toddler feeding lambs, to rushing home from school each day to be on the farm, she was always the envy of her friends.

During her final years at school Ruth had an epiphany and the pull of the farm got stronger. Agriculture was the subject she wanted to study, and she found waiting for the time to come difficult. Impatient to learn more about the industry she had grown up with, she enrolled on a foundation agriculture course at Duchy College Duchy.

Like so many, agriculture as a career wasn't encouraged at school and Ruth often felt lonely as if she was the only girl in the world who was mad about farming. This is why she started her blog post, hoping to reach out to other girls in her position, and show that agriculture is a great career path. With more girls than boys on her university course, Ruth all of a sudden felt at home. She was meeting women with the same experiences, ideas and aspirations as herself. Completing her foundation degree and her BSc degree in Rural Business Management, were some of the best of her life, and this is where she met her boyfriend Jack, who has an organic dairy farm nearby.

Having little experience with cattle, Ruth requested one of their first dates to go milking, and she has never looked back. Her love of cattle grew, leading her to win an award from the RABDF for a report she wrote on dairy her health. Sadly Jack’s love for sheep has never much materialised! Now working as a Marketing Coordinator for agricultural machinery company WH Bond & Sons, while squeezing in the odd blog post and continuing her work with the sheep and
cattle, Ruth feels extremely proud to be part of this industry.

“I feel we are paving the way for all those little girls who love farming but think they’re the only girls in the world who do. You aren’t! We are blazing a trail in what was once considered a mans’ world.”

Keep blazing your trail Ruth! Your passion is inspiring and you have clearly found your place in the world.