Summer Klempel, a town girl from the West Coast of the South Island always had a passion for farming and the outdoors. When she was 10 years old she went to a local dairy farm open day near her home, giving her a taste and sparkling her initial interest in agriculture. Despite being a town girl Summer went on to study agriculture at high school and returned to the same farm and asked for work. Summer ended up milking before and after school, before moving into a full time position.

Not long later, Summer met her fiancé, Tim Priest. Eventually they moved to the Wairarapa, where Tim continued working for ANZ as a rural banker, and Summer worked on his fathers sheep and beef property. The couple both knew what they wanted and shared the same goals, one of them being farm ownership. They set about working really hard to save as much money as they could.

Now at 21, Summer and her fiancé own a 65ha farm near Carterton fattening bulls, grazing cattle and trading lambs. Summer works as a 2IC on a 300 cow dairy farm 2min from her farm for the Daysh family. With both Summer & Tim working fulltime off farm, along with their busy sporting lives, work on the farm is normally completed before and after work. Normally by head torch in the winter.

"I love the challenges and successes that come with working on the farm. Buying bulls in at 100kg and seeing the gains they’ve made while on farm is so satisfying. Our farm was really run down when we purchased it and it has been awesome and rewarding to put our own stamp on it. We have completed a significant amount of development, fenced waterways and planted thousands of trees. It is exciting looking to the future as we set new goals to grow our business further."

It's so cool to hear what motivation and pure determination can achieve. Summer you have worked super hard to reach your goals, we applaud your efforts as an awesome AgWomen!