Michelle Brammann is an agronomist in broadacre cereal, oilseed, legumes and pastures, focusing on soil and plant nutrition.


Growing up on a farm in the Mid North of South Australia, Michelle knew she wanted to stay in agriculture but with one brother farming and the property not big enough for extras she graduated high school and headed off to Roseworthy campus in the Adelaide Uni to study agriculture. After the first lesson in soils she set her mind to become an agronomist. After graduation Michelle got a job as a fertility agronomist in Mount Gambier and although she only stayed for 11 months she learnt a lot about soil and plant nutrition.

"I then headed to Cleve and stayed for 11 years as a sales and Senior Agronomist before moving back to the mid north and starting up my own consulting business Ground Up Agronomy."

This gives Michelle flexibility with her two girls who also love to go out in the paddock. Michelle also works part time for a trace element company based in Victoria called Sonic essentials allowing her to share more nutritional knowledge .

"I love a challenge and even when I feel like it has beaten me down I get back up and keep going until a solution is reached. Agriculture and agronomy is full of highs and lows and I think starting as the first female agronomist in the South Australian Elders agronomy team has shaped me to be a strong women in agriculture with a thick skin."

We are so happy to hear you love a challenge and understand that sometimes working in the agriculture industry means you need a thick skin. We love to see you are so passionate about what you do. Keep it up and we look forward to seeing how you get on!