Karyn Cassar and Carissa Wolfe own Benmar Farm Pty Ltd which is a company fully operated by women. The two describe themselves as cow and land carers, food providers and connectors. The two run a 120-cow commercial organic dairy farm, they love urban food-source connecting and have a range of other entrepreneurial pursuits.

Both Karyn and Carissa did not grow up in farming but they now both have it 'in their blood'. Karyn left school and went straight into a dairy apprenticeship in New South Wales, Australia. Carissa on the other hand is originally from the Northwest of America. She first started working on a dairy farm in Australia, where she ended up working along side Karyn. She now finds it as natural as breathing. 


The two believe that every food source has a story behind it and although those stories are being talked about more, Karyn and Carissa cant talk about them enough. We as individuals have the privilege of choosing what we eat and with that decision we put our support behind certain producers. Karyn and Carissa believe it is extremely important to know who exactly we are supporting. As we all know, the majority of our food comes from a farm and Karyn and Carissa believe there are two concerns that we all should have with this. Firstly, was that food made with the ethics you expect? Secondly, was the farmer fairly compensated for it? These two believe that when we buy as close to production as possible, we have a chance to directly support the farmer themselves. Therefore, we have actively influenced the future of food production.

The ‘organic’ aspects of their endeavours was developed through cause and effect, the result being organic management. Carissa’s interests in plant medicine and midwifery transfers easily to cows. Both her interests work with the cycles of nature, creating resiliency and independence. Therefore learning to nurture the land as it provides food and nutrition for the cows. In the same way we nurture the cows, as they provide food and nutrition for us. 

"Simplistically, the difference between home-grown, from scratch cooking and preserving, compared to fast food demonstrates the philosophy behind our farming practices. We can use all the latest technology and science to help us refine the age-old practices, but it’s still good, wholesome ‘home cooking’. We love our cows, we love food, and we love the relationships that we create around a shared table while we eat together. We love nurturing the land to nurture the cows to nurture you."

Wow, you two are so passionate about connecting the producers to those that consume the final product. We think that is a great way to approach your business and we believe that more and more consumers are wanting to know the story behind their food. Great effort ladies!