Born with farming in her blood, but not fully aware of it, Victoria Magazinovic is the Ballance Agri- Nutrients Eastern Central Otago specialist. She can now be found in the East Coast of the South Island, in her current hometown of Middlemarch. Victoria is a passionate red meat sector supporter and grew up as a townie until at the age of 11 when her parents purchased a lifestyle property. Growing up, her farming experience was limited to the family property and extended family who farmed.

Throughout Victoria's schooling agriculture was not pushed and therefore was not on her radar. It was while on the road with an equine vet that she started her AgWoman journey. Victoria started a Bachelor of Science and veterinary path however, changed when she was asked ‘do you really want to look down a microscope for the next 3 years'?. With little persuasion she embarked on a Bachelor of Applied Science majoring in Agriculture and Rural Valuation and never looked back. Always one up for a challenge Victoria threw herself into the practical work across the industry in order to give her the best chance of a career once she graduated. She rouseyed, milked a lot of cows, groomed dressage horses, was a research technician and was a general jack of all trades on all the Massey and Landcorp farms in the Manawatu.

Following graduation Victoria did a driving season for a contractor, managed the quality control for a squash harvest and tutored farming cadets in Hawkes Bay. It was landing a cadet role with what was Summit Quinphos at the time, owned by Ballance that got Victoria to where she is today. After a couple of opportunities and restructures and the move south she worked towards her current role as a Nutrient Specialist.

Of all the sectors Victoria has been involved in so far she admits that she is most passionate about sheep and beef. “I love meeting new people and I love being able to help them achieve their farming goals. Seeing my customers, their businesses and communities prosper is what gets me out of bed in the morning – as well as the beautiful central Otago scenery I get to work in of course!”

Victoria credits Ballance Agri Nutrients whom allow her to continue to learn and expand her skill set. This has included completing the Kellogg programme last year which provided an opportunity for her to be challenged and consolidate those skills and values. Just like a true rural citizen that first encounter with young farmers didn’t put her off and she is still heavily involved in NZ Young Farmers and a variety of other community groups today.

Victoria describes being an Ag Woman as “fulfilling” and we can see why. You truly are a great role model for those around you and the farmers you work with. You have proved that change is not always bad and can bring out the best results. We love that you love what you do. Keep up the great work.