Alex Lond studied a degree in English Literature at Reading University, which is one of the best universities in the United Kingdom to study agriculture. Although she grew up in a rural area in Sussex, England, she had never actually thought about a career in farming as neither of her parents had any links to it. However, when Alex graduated from uni and didn't know what to do with her life, she started relief milking on a small dairy farm that produced and delivered their own milk, yoghurt and cheese. She was milking 250 cows (one herd of friesian Holsteins and one smaller Guernsey herd) through a 12 ASHB shed. Relief milking was all that Alex was able to do and she was desperate to learn more.

Knowing that she wanted to travel, Alex left the UK and travelled through Asia before arriving in New Zealand in December 2016. As soon as she landed Alex knew what she wanted and two weeks after arriving she got a job as a dairy assistant near Taupo. She was milking 600 cows through a 40 ASHB, a big jump up from the farm back home.

Since Alex has arrived she hasn't looked back. "I absolutely adore my job and the New Zealand style of farming. My friends and family at home don't understand my obsession with cows and the dairy industry or why I've moved across the world so that I am able to learn more about what I believe is a fantastic method of farming. My boss says I'm the first and probably the only person he's ever met who studied English Literature and now wants to be a dairy farmer, which I have taken as a compliment."

"I have started my level 4 Ag ITO which will hopefully allow me to extend my visa so that I am able to further my dairy farming career in New Zealand. Three years ago I had never milked a cow, now farming is everything to me and I feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to pursue a career in something I love so much."

Welcome to New Zealand Alex. We are very glad to have you and we are so happy to know you love dairy so much. The primary industries is a place where you can get really stuck into what you love and make your passion into a career.