Georgie Cox was immersed in farming life from day one. Both her parents were heavily involved in sheep and beef farming and brought her up in the thick of the farms they were on. Her mother was a huge influence in the way her family operated and was a key part of many community initiatives, meaning Georgie was often attending many different events both on and off farm. Her father is a dedicated stock man and has worked on a range of challenging yet satisfying stations. Georgie was always begging her dad to take her to work with him and loved being by his side while he was doing what he was so good at.

Georgie finished school at St Matthews Collegiate and then travelled to the UK for a year in Edinburgh. She then moved to Auckland to study a Bachelor of Communications at AUT - Auckland University of Technology. Georgie strayed away from her rural upbringing slightly however found herself coming back to what she knows by doing some freelance work for a social media consultancy company called Grass Roots Media, who focuses on communications in the Ag sector. Here she was able to apply her creative skills to a industry she was brought up in. For her, this was a satisfying mix as she could have the best of both world- mixing her rural childhood with her future creative endeavours.

Georgie now works in design with a company who focuses on food packaging design and FMCG. Not only does she work in a industry so closely aligned with the food sector but she also is an editor and coordinator for our very own AgWomen Global. Here she applies her design skills and communications know-how to edit the many stories we end up publishing.

"I believe there is so much to love about a rural lifestyle and the primary industries is a very innovative industry so it is exciting to see what cool, creative projects can happen in the future."

Georgie, it is great to see you have found a way to combine both urban and rural life. We wish you well in your future career in design and love having you as part of the AgWomen team.