Lucy Goldspink is a contract musterer in the Marree region of South Australia. She spends a lot of time working up the iconic 'Birdsville Track', working side by side, 24 hours a day with her extremely supportive boyfriend of 4 years.

Every year, twice a year the couple pack up their two motorbikes, swags, and gear and head off for a few months at a time to complete 2 full rounds of mustering. Working in some of the most remote parts of South Australia, they love it.

Lucy has always been heavily involved in farming, with her family owning a couple of farms in New South Wales. Lucy's dad was also a shearer, so she quite literally grew up in shearing sheds. Lucy worked on a cattle station in the Northern Territory for two years after school, which led her to going on to one year of university in Armidale at the University of New England.

Love called Lucy to Callanna Station in the Far North of South Australia, where she is now a contract musterer. She continued to study full time throughout the last two years of her degree whilst contracting in the remote Marree region. She found this extremely challenging because they would be away for weeks or months at a time with limited to no access to phone or internet. Lucy has now been in the Marree area for three years and looks forward to making it her forever home.

"I have a passion for life on the land and learning. I continually marry these two together and am always seeking out courses and programs to further my knowledge so that I can apply it practically. I am the only girl in the group of people I work with and I don't see that as a disadvantage in the slightest. I think if anything, being female only improves the team as we genetically bring a different way of thinking and I think the 'fellas' I work with appreciate that. I love what I do and I strive to one day be a role model for women in the beef industry in Australia."

Lucy you lead an envious lifestyle, losing yourself in the outback doing what you love sounds wonderful! A true AgWomen and role model to many.