Located near the small town of Aramac in the Barcaldine Region, Queensland Australia young 23-year-old AgWoman Whitneyann Gleeson is right in her element. With a love for the outdoors, the talented horse woman spends her days as a station hand at Powella Station. However, when her boss is away she enjoys the responsibility of taking on the tole of manager /over-seer of the property.

Powella Station is 125,000 acre cattle station which provides great variety every day. Typical duties Whitneyann can be found completing around the station include the daily water runs across the sparse land, feeding cattle licks, fencing along with mustering. One of her favourite tasks on the station is horse training and breaking.

Within the first month of starting her position at Powella her boss’s wife was very ill with breast cancer and sadly passed away not long after. This meant she was quite often left to run the show alone, it really made her step up and learn how to work alone;
“I went from just a cow chaser to learning to fix fuel pumps and mix poisons for tree spraying. I'm very thankful for my wonderful employer who I can call a friend for helping me grow into the Agwoman I now am”

Being what she describes as a a self taught photographer. Whitneyann started a photography business Wagphotography and has been doing photos professionally since the start of 2013.

With a love for all horse sports, she has been known to be behind the lens of a camera at rodeos, camp-drafts, gymkhanas and horse sports. Photography is what Whitneyann describes as more of a hobby now, as she is too busy living her ag dream. However she still loves the chance to hold photo shoots of families, portraits, couple shoots and just about anything you ask for. Whitneyann describes her photography style as her own, and looking at her Wagphotography facebook page, we like her style very much.

As far as her horse achievements go she has a list as long as your arm and it continues to grow. Recently she has been chasing the barrel racing circuit called outback barrel horse circuit with her roan horse 'One Way Roan'. They finished 4th last year and this year are hoping to win!

Whitneyann has been competing in campdrafting and rodeo all her life she even had the chance to travel to New Zealand to represent Australia while at high school.

Whitneyann describes being an AgWoman as independent and by the sounds of it this has helped her grow her career within the sector. Keep up the great work Whitneyann, you work in such a challenging environment and have proved woman can be leaders as well.