Natasha Maybee is a self confessed cow whisperer, dairy farming on the Taieri Plains, Otago, New Zealand. Before Natasha met her partner, she had no idea what she wanted to do, and had certainly never considered dairy farming as a career. Having looked up just about every job under the sun, all she knew was that she wanted a job where she could work outside and work with animals. She has found her place, now working with 840 cows, in a career that she finds really rewarding.

"You either love it or you hate it. Early mornings, hard work, contending with the rain and snow, and some pretty late nights puts most people off. But I love it. Yes, at times it can be hard and incredibly frustrating but all that dedication and hard work really pays off in the long run for you, the farm and the cows".

Natasha loves that dairy farming offers such a diverse career, with no day ever the same. The fact that dairy farming entitles so much more than just milking cows is a point of difference that Natasha finds incredibly rewarding. "Its animal health, farm maintenance, animal feeding and breeding, that makes our job so much more than the common perception that dairy farmers just milk cows and that’s them done for the day."

Natasha and her partner are really into breeding pedigree Holstein Friesians and have a handful of cows of their own, which they are incredibly proud of. The ultimate goal for the couple is to one day own their own Holstein-Friesian stud and have a farm which they can call their own.

What a great story, Natasha. Your hard work, dedication and love for the what the job offers, you have really found your place in the dairy farming world!