Aimee France grew up on a dairy farm in the South Wairarapa. She was always out and about in her red bands trying to do as much as she could to help out on the farm. It was always in the back of her mind that this is what she wanted to do in the future.

After finishing secondary school at St Matthews Collegiate, Aimee decided that she needed a year off and went travelling around Asia. On returning home she ventured down to Christchurch to study animal care and management. She gave it a good shot but it wasn't quite what Aimee had in mind and she returned to the Wairarapa, finding a Farm Assistant job on a dairy farm in Kahutara. The first few months were definitely a challenge but once Aimee got her head around it she knew that this is what she wanted to do.

"Recently I entered into the Dairy Industry Awards. I was definitely out of my comfort zone but I gained a heap of confidence and knowledge. I also won the Watson and Sons Communication and Engagement Award, as well as the Property Brokers Community and Involvement Award."

Aimee finds that being part of a small community, that is so involved in the dairy industry, you are never alone in such a hard working lifestyle. When she returned to the Wairarapa she joined the South Wairarapa Young Farmers Club. A fantastic way for Aimee to meet so many like minded people, and the chance to get out and socialise! Aimee is completing further studying through AgITO, and is nearly finished her Level four Dairy Farming.

This season Aimee is still on the same farm, and has moved up to Herd Manager/Assistant Manager. A step up for her, but having such a supportive boss and mentor she is enjoying every bit of it.

It is so important to surround yourself with good people who you can look up to, and ask for support and advice. Aimee, you sound like you are in the perfect spot to gain knowledge, and move your career forward. Keep challenging yourself, getting outside your comfort zone is a key part of learning. Way to go!