Georgia Wratten-lowe is a Herd testing assist for LIC in Southland, New Zealand. Georgia realises that it's not a job everyone can do, because of the early mornings, long days and lots of driving but every day she meets new people, see's their way of running a farm and gets to admire the New Zealand scenery. Georgia knows that it may not seem like much to some people but being able to assist farmers and help them make sure their results come out perfect and seeing the happy faces at the end of it, is all worth it for her.

"There are days where I come home covered in cow poo from head to toe, smelly and exhausted but the next day you don't know what it will throw at you, which makes the job even more exciting." Georgia works in an awesome team environment which has also helped her love for the job grow, knowing that she has amazing support behind her.

You are so right Georgia, some of the jobs in the primary industries aren't for everyone. However, you sound like you have found away to make it work for you and have made it a career you can be passionate about. Keep up the hard work, we know you'll go places with your positive attitude.