A city girl, gone country girl….Jenny Osguthorpe was born and raised in a metropolitan area. In her late teenage years, she attended Weber State University in Ogden, Utah on a leadership scholarship as a Student-body Officer while studing Communications and Public Relations. Weber State not only gave her an academic education, but the opportunity to meet her husband, Brad. Brad is a 3rd generation sheep rancher from Park City, Utah, a tourist town housing the largest ski resort in North America. Four years ago Jenny & Brad were given an opportunity to buy their own sheep operation and started Circle JB Ranch & Livestock. It is a rangeland sheep operation and they range lamb as well. They raise Rambouillet ewes and cross with a Suffolk ram. They operate with two of Brad’s brothers and his Father. Between them they are currently running 10,000 ewes. The rangeland consists of private land, National Forest, BLM and State trust land all of which is located in the state of Utah.

Brad and Jenny are also involved with the family farm crop operation. The Osguthorpe family plants and harvests alfalfa with rotation of oats in Park City, Utah along with a dry farm in Delta, Utah where corn, hay, barley and oats are grown. This feed goes to some of the livestock that is maintained and managed on the families 20 acre feedlot and the rest is sold to local ranchers in the area.

As a family, they have also incorporated an agri-toursim component into their operation. Red Pine Adventures, an outdoor recreation business that offers guided horseback tours in the summer and snowmobile trips in the winter. With their farm operation at the center of a world class ski resort, the number of tourists visiting the area is very high and they receive many questions about “what they do on the farm”. The guided tours give guests the opportunity to tour the range land, enjoy and observe the livestock and view the beauty that Park City has to offer.

On top of farming and ranching, Jenny’s primary role in life is that of a wife and Mother. She is currently raising their 3 year old daughter, Olivia on their family farm. She has started teaching her daughter at a young age the importance of work ethic by moving water lines, hauling hay and working with their sheep. It is very important to her to raise strong, educated and respectful children, as they are our future. When time allows, Jenny enjoys photography, traveling, skiing, snowmobiling, camping & ATV riding.

Jenny has spent many years as an advocate for Agriculture with the American Farm Bureau, Utah Farm Bureau, American Sheep Industry and Utah Wool Growers Association. She is currently on the Utah Farm Bureau Ag Promotions Committee, President of the Utah Wool Growers Women’s Auxiliary and volunteers numerous hours a week to community service and activities. She desires to be an example of a “farm-women” who is well-rounded, educated, confident, compassionate and caring. It is Jenny’s goal to enlighten the public about farming and agriculture. Exposure is key! She wants to continue providing opportunities to individuals who are not exposed to the “Ag way of life” by giving them hands-on experiences around farming and ranching. She is grateful for opportunities to learn, grow and serve while being a strong voice for agriculture!

The 'ag way of life' is special to us all, and we love your dedication to sharing that with those who are not exposed to it on a daily basis. Opening up your farm to show case it in operation is a great idea to help deal with farming misconceptions.