Nicola Lee may not be originally off a farm but this gutsy Agwoman has grown up around those in the sector all her life and now fits in well to the overall picture. She had horses growing up, so most weekends were spent travelling the country attending horse shows.

Attending Ellesmere College in the small town of Leeston, Nicola has always been associated with rural communities. Following school she attended Lincoln University where she obtained a bachelor of agricultural science. It was during this time she also met her now husband Richard and together they farm on the picturesque coast at Longbeach.

When not on farm or caring for the couples 18 month daughter Harper, which Nicola says keeps her on her toes at all hours, she can be found in the arable sector. Nicola is on of PGG Wrightson Ltd arable reps covering the mid Canterbury area. She is very passionate about her position and loves the arable industry and all it has to offer. "I don’t look at being an advisor, they are just as much my crops and farms as they are the actual growers. We share successes and failures". Nicola has always been a peoples person and enjoys being able to help like minded growers make critical decisions for their businesses over the year.

Nicola is also a passionate netball player and finds it a great way to keep fit along with keeping in touch with friends.

"What I love about being an Ag Woman, is the relationships we create with the farmers and their families. I wouldn’t even call them clients, some are like my second families".

So if you are ever passing through mid Canterbury and spot a PGG Wrightson car parked near a crop field and see a rep out walking the crop then it may just be Nicola assisting one of her many clients, so be sure to give her a wave. Keep up the great work Nicola.