Angela Deans admits that she has been through many ups and downs over the years. However every challenge along the way has shaped the Deans family to where they are today. Together with her husband and their three kids they are currently contract milking 1350 cows in Southland.

Angela is also currently an Arbonne consultant along with being hands on with the family business. She has a passion for rural mental health and enjoys helping support other friends through the struggles that the dairy industry can throw at them. Being the strong woman she is Angela has also supported friends through cancer scares and depression.

Angela has also dealt with her own anxiety and depression, after loosing her brother and also her cousin after they took their own lives. It has strengthened her passion for rural mental health and supporting others.
Angela says over the years she has lost 20kgs and got healthier both mentally and physically. Angela home birthed all three kids all on to dairy farms from ChCh to the West Coast to Southland.

Angela takes care of all the Human Resources for the farm and PrimaryITO training guidance. She has a natural leadership ability and therefore has ensured that the health and safety for the farm is all under control and through different systems has learned how farm ownership can be achieved in a coorporate dominate environment. She helps involve their staff in everyday conversations and make them feel part of the family. They seem to share her love for cows and have been known for having full conversations about their favourite cows in the herd including their names and numbers.


During the dairy down turn the Deans found alternative ways to source income off farm to support their business. Instead of going 50/50 they sold all their current livestock at the time and brought three rental properties to provide the income they required to continue in a positive trending direction.

The couple have entered the New Zealand Dairy Industry awards and have won both merits and placings awards which is a commendation for their hard work and dedication.

Even with the ups and downs of rural isolation the community bonds have kept Angela going and she also loves rearing the calves. Known as the dairycowqueen on Twitter this confident animal loving agwoman is forever bring brightness to others worlds wether it be through the farm, the abronne products she sells or just her overall energy she vibrantly shares.
Keep being you Angela.