Bridget Zoe Pringle currently finds herself with three jobs that ‘fit the box’ of contributing to the Ag Woman ethos! She is a mum of two on a farm, an Environmental Consultant for Irricon Resource Solutions and she is a Director and Project Manager of Vector Charlie Charlie, a UAV (drone) company with specialist skills in geotechnical engineering, resource management and precision agriculture fields.

Bridget Zoe Pringle

Bridget hails from an inter- generational deer farm in North Otago, which has instilled in her a deep affiliation for the land and water – summer jobs of rouseying, rogueing and plucking dead sheep with her brother and sister (she didn’t last long on that one!) made her very realistic about farm life. Her husband is a South Canterbury mixed arable, process vege and blackcurrant farmer from whom she is able to glean an enormous amount of technical and practical expertise from when applying herself to the various projects she is involved in.

Bridget's work with Irricon is focussed on project management, compliance management and remediating environmental management issues for farmers both individually and in catchment wide projects.

With Vector Charlie Charlie, Bridget works with international companies in the fields of research and data collection for precision agriculture and infrastructural inspection, national Research and Development agencies for ag and hort and NZ based resource management/engineering projects. The linkages between all aspects of these fields are far reaching and whether it is implementing water management techniques for catchments or managing multispectral UAV imaging projects for
precision horticulture outcomes – they are all intrinsically linked to one thing - farming.

After graduating Lincoln University with a Bachelors Degree in Resource Studies Bridget travelled overseas and in between working on technical water monitoring projects she found herself lambing 900 ewes indoors for a Manor farm and running a Council owned farm for adults with learning disabilities during the peak of the Foot and Mouth crisis. Over the last decade she has been employed in planning/policy/fisheries management in the fields of water quality and quantity management which is of course applicable to every farming operation in NZ with regard to the legislative climate we work in.

"I promote the achievement of environmental management outcomes as an integral part of a successful farming business model now and for future generations – I feel like we are on the cusp of a significant shift in thinking around utilising technology/achieving environmental goals whilst retaining the core values of primary industry in NZ."

We love innovation and enthusiasm Bridget. Things that you bring to the industry in bucketloads. Keep up the great work we look forward to hearing more from you in the future.