Hayley Goodwin is an extremely focused on her career of choice. With a love of cows the 36 year old chose to follow a dairy farming career from a young age.

Dairy Farming has been in her blood all her life and she made the decision at 15 to leave school and start her journey to where she is today.

Initially starting out as a farm worker for a family friend, Hayley learnt so much as she went along and being a quick leaner soaked it up like a sponge.

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Although it was a struggle at a young age with the long hours she persevered her way through the ranks from farm worker to farm manager to 50/50 Share-milking, to the farm lease position she currently holds.

Hayley says it has been a very rewarding lifestyle with ups and downs along the way. “Being a Women in a dominantly mans world I’ve worked hard to prove myself in an industry I love”. With support from family and friends she believes she succeeded in what has sometimes been a tough lifestyle.

Farm ownership has always been her goal but it is very difficult to reach these days. Hayley still holds hope and will not give up on my dream.

The love she has for her cows shows in her work ethic and everything she does for them and for the businesses she has worked for. She tries to spend time off farm where she can but says its always lovely to get home. Hayley has a love for the land and respects it as she aims to leave it in a better state than she found it.

When she isn’t out on the farm she loves cooking and a good movie. Her pets are very special, and says “time with friends and family is important as I’m single and very independent.”