When Jen Patrick was 4years old her parents purchased a farm in Wainuioru, Wairarapa. Since then she has been involved in farming in a number of different ways. From spending her early years having the farm as a playground, to working weekends and school holidays for pocket money, and then university where she studied to be a vet at Massey University in Palmerston North.

Having returned home to the Wairarapa, Jen now practices as a Production Animal Vet for South Wairarapa Veterinary Services, and together with her husband Andrew, they lease a farm rearing 400 friesian bull calves and have 80 beef breeding cows. Andrew is also involved in his family dairy farming operation, where he runs one of the drystock blocks. Jen loves helping out on the farm whenever she can.

"Spending the weekends working on the farm isn't a chore it's fun."
Currently Jens time is split between her vet work, the couples daughter Elsie, and helping out on the farm when she can. Being an outdoors person, Jen looks forward to bringing up her family on the farm and sharing the enjoyment of her childhood. Jen recently became a shareholder in South Wairarapa Veterinary Services, which has been an amazing opportunity for her.

"I love being able to spend my time out and about helping our farmer clients. The job is pretty amazing, as everyday is different and you get to meet some very interesting people. And of course working with and helping the animals is special. Most of my time is spent working with dairy cattle. I enjoy the problem solving and being able to give the farmers practical advice which will benefit their production and the animals welfare. In this job you are always learning and keeping up with new research, I really enjoy being able to then pass this on to the farmers."

Jen, we love your passion for people, animals and learning new and up to date research. Passing on your knowledge to others is such a great way to keep the industry informed. We love how you aspire to give your family a similar rural upbringing to yourself!