For Kate Scott, describing what she does is like describing world politics, it is unclear, messy and tinted with many shades of grey! Whilst her official title is Executive Director, of Landpro Limited, a planning and surveying consultancy company which she jointly founded in 2007.

Kate holds many roles including, business owner, mum, part time squash player, ex-farmer, 2018 Nuffield Scholar, and all-round generalist.

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A Taranaki born and bred farm girl, Central Otago is now home for Kate and her family, with her shift south brought about by the opportunity to manage the family dairy farm at Roxburgh. Whilst no longer on farm, Kate continues to be actively involved in the primary sector through Landpro, and she is passionate about the primary industries and the environment.

"I am lucky to have the opportunity to work across a broad range of sectors, including dairy, sheep and beef, horticulture and viticulture. I am also actively involved in irrigation project management".

As an experienced RMA planner, Kate has first-hand knowledge of the changing regulatory environment that the agri-sector is facing, which means operating at a more strategic environmental level to ensure the decisions made on farm are sustainable in the long term both financially and environmentally. Helping farmers in this space is what really motivates Kate day to day.

Outside of work, she is mum to George (7), Ted (3) and Henry (2), who all enjoy the benefits of living so close to Lake Dunstan as well as to the southern ski fields.

Her current focus as part of the Nuffield Scholarship is researching better ways to reduce the environmental footprint of agriculture, including benchmarking New Zealand’s environmental performance against other major agricultural nations and understanding what further changes are necessary for New Zealand to be agricultural and environmental leaders.

"I believe that the solution to reducing our environmental footprint will lie in the integration of technology and practical regulatory controls, the success of which will be dependent upon the relevant balance between these two things".

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