AgWoman Linda Osguthorpe lives in Delta, Utah with her husband, Chad, daughter, Jordan and son, Jaxon. Linda did not always grow up on the farm however, she does not consider herself a city girl because she was raised in a small rural farm in Wisconsin. Just about all her friends farmed and lived on a dairy. Her dad was in the Air Force so they did a lot of traveling before settling in Slinger, Wisconsin where she grew up. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Parkside where she was also a member of the Womens Basketball team. Her sophomore year they made history with the most wins and received a bid into the NCAA II National Basketball Tournament. Nothing what she had been preparing for in college could have prepared her for her future endeavor.

Shortly after graduating college she packed up her bags and moved back west to Utah where she felt like she was destined to be. It was not easy as she had no friends or family in Utah and was starting from scratch. Not too long after living and working in Utah she met her husband Chad. She had no idea what she was getting into with him as he was a 3rd generation sheep rancher. He took her to the sheep for the firs time when they were docking the lambs and she fell in love. She knew it was Chad’s passion and was ready to make it hers also. They soon got married and had their first child, Jordan.

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In 2012 with their new child they decided to start their own sheep ranch, J12 Ranch and Livestock and have never looked back. They have 1,000 head of sheep that they range on BLM, Forrest Service, State Trust Lands, and private lands. Their sheep graze on open rangeland in the mountains in the summer and the desert in the winter. All of the rangeland is located in Utah. They are grass fed 100% of the time and raise antibiotic free lambs. They raise a Merino/Rambouillet cross white face ewes for the fine wool and cross the Suffolk bucks for the meat. They have taken a high interest in the wool market and are raising their ewes to produce a fine wool to be competitive in the market. The last two years their wool has been purchased and used for the United States Military Uniforms. They have also been working with the Utah Leading Edge Producers Group to produce a quality and larger lamb for meat.

Not only is she active in the sheep industry she is also involved on the crop farm in Delta, Utah. They moved down to Delta along with starting their own sheep ranch to run Chad’s families farm. On the farm they have over 600 acres in different types of crops that they rotate. They grow corn, alfalfa, and grain. They also manage the 20 acre feed lot that holds some of the families sheep and cows. With the extra space they lease out the extra space for other ranchers animals. The feed that they grow and harvest is used to feed the animals on the feedlot. She works hand in hand with Chad out in the fields. She drives the tractors, helps plants, and harvest the crops. She also helps with the flood irrigation of the fields, feeding the animals, and taking care of the farm. She is not afraid to step in and help out wherever she is needed.

Not only does she help out on the farm but she is also a wife, mother, role model, and leader in the community. She raises her 6 year old daughter on the farm with her and likes to show her how to be a strong women. With a newborn baby it has not slowed her down and she shows her daughter that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. She is teaching her responsibility, work ethic, compassion on the farm and how to be a respectful citizen in the community by attending events with her. Growing up on a farm Chad learned these things at an early age and Linda wants to be able to raise her children the same way. She is a role model to other women and young women in the community. She helps other farm moms feel confident in what they do and advocating for agriculture. She is a role model for young women in the community in after school activities. She participates in Ag in the Classroom and has been a presenter for Farm Field Days in their county. She also holds educational days at the farm when she cans for the local FFA kids and the vet students at the high school.

She is a leader in the community and a strong advocate for agriculture. They were just selected as the 2017 Utah Young Farmers and Ranchers Achievement Award which is considered the top honor for young farmers and ranchers in Utah. The Achievement Award is a competition that recognizes those young farmers and ranchers that have excelled in their farming or ranching operations and honed their leadership abilities to superiority. They then had the opportunity to compete on a national level at the American Farm Bureau with 30 other young farmers and ranchers. Her and Chad recently served a two year term on the Utah Young Farmers and Ranchers State Committee. She is also active in the American Farm Bureau Federation, Utah Farm Bureau Federation, American Sheep Industry Association, Utah Wool Growers Association, and Utah Wool Marketing Association. Currently she serves on the Utah Wool Growers Young Entrepreneurs where Chad is the chair and the Utah Wool Growers Auxillary where she is the secretary.

She loves what she does and has fun doing it. She has numerous social media accounts so that way she can share their way of life with others. She invites everyone and anyone to follow their ranch and enjoy the country life with them. She loves raising 4th generation sheep ranchers and wants her children to be able to continue to pass it down. She finds it important for women to be involved in the agricuture industry. She wants women to be strong and feel confident in advocating for
agriculture and not to be afraid to stand up and speak about what they are passionate for.

Linda is honoured to be able to call herself a Agwoman and she sure is doing herself and all those around her proud. Keep up the great work Linda.