Sharon Lucock is a Beijing girl who came to New Zealand in 2002 soon after completing her first degree in agricultural science from China Agricultural University. She then completed a Master’s degree in horticultural management and a doctorate degree in agribusiness systems at Lincoln University. Sharon has also worked as a professional translator and interpreter, married a Kiwi, and is a proud mother of two cross-cultural Chiwi boys.

Starting in late 2011, Sharon has been lecturing in agricultural investment appraisal, agribusiness management and global food systems at Lincoln University ever since. She is a popular lecturer among students, and is known for her dedication to teaching and inspiring students to try harder and go further. As an acknowledgement of this, Sharon received the Lincoln University Teaching Award for Excellence in Early Career in 2016.

Sharon also represents Lincoln University as an Associate Director on the Advisory Board of the New Zealand Contemporary China Research Centre that is based in Victoria University of Wellington. She was on the conference organising committee for the NZCCRC annual international conference in 2016, which Lincoln University co-hosted with Victoria University of Wellington, titled ‘The Rise of Chinese Agriculture’. This one and a half day conference had 30 speakers or panellists invited from around the world, and had more than 100 national and international delegates attending.

Between 2012 and 2016, Sharon completed her part-time PhD research while teaching, and received the Deans’ List award for her PhD thesis. Her research looked into the sociological system that underpins the Chinese society, and what this means to New Zealand agribusiness entrepreneurs operating in China and/or working with Chinese people. Sharon was an invited speaker at ‘The Rise of Chinese Agriculture’ conference to share the key findings of her PhD research, titled "Through different eyes – Learning from Kiwis doing agribusiness in China".

Sharon’s current research continues to have a particular interest in New Zealand agri-food companies working in China and/or with Chinese people. This work ranges across animal and crop-based industries, and from livelihoods on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau through to consumer choices in the big cities. Within these research projects, Sharon is often a key researcher, as well as the project coordinator, facilitating the communication and fostering the relationship building between her Kiwi and Chinese colleagues.

Sharon, you are a valuable asset to have in the New Zealand Agribusiness scene. Keep inspiring our future agribusiness leaders and forging ahead to keep New Zealand at the top of the game.