Alaina Potter is a AgWomen by sheer circumstance. She did not grow up in the industry, until a few years ago she knew nothing about it at all. But now it is a huge part of her families lives – and something she is really enjoying learning about. Together with her husband, Alaina runs a family company based in the Tasman region in the South Island called AG Water Ltd. They service the local region with everything from pumping, irrigation, effluent, stock water, drain laying and general farm engineering, with the Agricultural market being their largest.

Alaina feels she wears two hats, the first being a business owner, working with her husband to build a business that they can be proud of, for clients that they are passionate about. And the second being a wife and mother, keeping family life afloat when the long and often arduous hours require her husband to be onsite servicing an industry that does not have set hours, nor holidays – with needs that are quite specific, and at times demanding.

Alaina knew very little about the industry before they started, being a Chartered Accountant and mother of three. Agriculture is her husbands passion and when he decided in was time for a change and start AG Water Ltd, Alaina jumped on board. She has learnt a lot on the job, and continues to do so. "I have learnt about the often understated passion that our clients have for their assets. These stakeholders are savvy business owners too, who continue to amaze me with their dedication, knowledge and commitment, in often trying conditions. Being upfront, honest and trustworthy with our clients, is almost always rewarded with loyalty, as these are qualities that are really appreciated. I have also learned that if I book a weekend away at busy times of the year – that I will be taking the children by myself."

The part of the industry that Alaina likes the most is the people that they have met, and continue to meet along the way. From clients, to suppliers, partners, not to mention the relationships they have formed with their wonderful team of staff and their families. "I am developing a real passion for this industry and am happy to write of my experiences for a community that support each other and share common interests to help each other succeed. If I can say that a bit of my effort can help these people do this, then I am happy." Alaina, we are stoked to have you as part of the Ag community and think you have nailed it when you describe the amount of loyalty and passion we have in the primary industries.