All round farm girl, Alexis Muir grew up in Taranaki, where her parents had both dairy and sheep and beef properties. From a young age Alexis knew she wanted to be involved on farm and understand the family business. She remembers loving sitting around the dining table with her parents while their bank manager was visiting or running numbers with her dad in the cowshed during milking. She knew she wanted to be involved in the Agri sector in some sort of role that let her get out of the office and be on farm with farmers.

Alexis headed south after school to Lincoln Uni and completed a B.ComAg. She then started with BNZ as an Agribusiness Graduate in the Waikato before managing a portfolio of clients from the Agri Service Centre in Hamilton. After 12 months in the Waikato her partner headed south to his family farm and Alexis followed suit moving her job with BNZ as an Agribusiness Partner, based out of Invercargill.

"After 5 years working in the bank I still love working with clients and supporting them to achieve their business goals. It is always exciting helping a client to expand their business, purchase their first farm or alter their stock policies. It is also a fantastic way to take new ideas back home to our own business."


Alexis and fiancé, Nick Wadworth, are in their second season leasing an 8,000SU sheep and beef property near Winton. The couple love the challenge of managing their own business and working as a team to achieve their farming goals. With Alexis's off farm work she doesn't get to be on farm as much as she would like sometimes; however she loves the fact that they now have a vested interest in the industry and can work together towards their ultimate goal of land ownership.

"Contributing to the wider rural community and industry is important to Nick and I. While my siblings and I were all actively involved in the farm growing up and were lucky enough to have parents that are passionate about the industry to feed off, I am well aware that not everyone has this privilege. Encouraging school students into the industry is something that I have been actively involved with since leaving uni through various school visits and networking events. After missing out on teachers with knowledge of career opportunities myself, I think it is incredibly important that young girls in particular get exposed to the career opportunities our industry has to offer."

Nick and Alexis also enjoy working with uni students and often hire students for summer jobs and support their practical learning, as they were when completing their studies. They are actively involved in the local young farmers club and several other community, sporting and networking groups. Optimistic about the future of the agriculture industry, they believe it has a lot to offer young people as a career and love doing their bit to promote it.

Authentic and exciting experiences are going to encourage and entice good people into our industry. We love how you are both so passionate about offering this to our younger generations. Keep up the great work.