Preserving and caring for the environment has always been a passion for Alice Bradley. In her role as Environment Project Manager at Beef + Lamb NZ, she can do exactly that.


A national role, Alice can be found anywhere in the country, where ever she is needed. With a background in freshwater ecology, Alice is found from time to time standing in streams talking about fish. It is a role that she finds really rewarding. She loves to see so many farmers getting interested in their waterways and wanting to have ways to measure and monitor them.

"Well, like most people, I love eating good food so working for an industry that is producing fantastic food suits me pretty well! I love the wide variety of people I get to meet and work with, and their unique farming challenges. Farming people are so good at problem solving and explaining complex issues I am constantly on a steep learning curve, even though I finish some days feeling bamboozled."

Alice enjoys challenging the perceptions that the wider society holds about farming and environmental management. It is one of her goals to make an impact on perceptions and she can’t wait to see where we as an industry can get to. "There are so many good stories to hear and to tell."

Herding cats and fish whispering! A talented AgWomen Alice. Thank you for all that you do to ensure that our environmental footprint is kept in he fore front of agricultural practice.