For saltbush country lass Alix McFarland working in agriculture brings a strong sense of purpose to her life.

Alix lives and works on a corporate-owned sheep station on the Hay Plains - one of the flattest places on earth - in the western Riverina region of NSW, Australia.

A fifth-generation member of her family to work in the sheep and wool industry in the Hay district, she grew up on her family property 100 kilometres north west of the town.

Having gained experience in rural journalism, agribusiness banking and agricultural advocacy throughout her career, Alix completed her BSc (Animal Production) in 2006.

‘For me, working on the land brings with it an ideal balance between challenge and fulfilment,’ says Alix, also a photographer.

‘I love the variety of the work I do both on the station and behind the lens and knowing that every day I’m contributing to feeding and clothing the world.’

‘I thrive on the active lifestyle, the wide open spaces, the magic of being in the paddock just as the sun’s coming up or going down and working with animals.’

‘Through Alix McFarland Photography, I love to capture pure moments in time - telling the stories of Australian food and fibre and celebrating the uniqueness of our landscapes, people and our dynamic regional communities.’