Driven by a love for her growing herd of gorgeous dairy goats and a desire to produce a clean, fresh alternative to traditional dairy products led Amanda Goodman to found The Drunken Nanny goats’ cheeses in 2015. Along with her husband Lindsey, Amanda Goodman has a passion for fresh, wholesome food, grown and produced locally and ethically by traditional methods.

From conception to launching in December 2015 was a long and sometimes tortuous process, but The Drunken Nanny has already had a huge response in their first season. “There’s a real demand from consumers to know not only where their food comes from but exactly what has gone in to the finished product and how animals involved are treated”, says Amanda. “We got into making our goats’ milk cheeses because we love our animals, we love having them on the farm and seeing the joy they bring to our family. Our goats are all named by the children, and each goat has its own personality which we get to know through our daily contact with them. They are the most endearing creatures, always curious and friendly, and some of them really become like members of the family – especially the kid who kept escaping and finding her way in the cat door and onto our bed at 4am! They have plenty of space to roam and graze freely on a range of pastures and herbs, with a handful of nuts as a treat at milking time! This stress-free life really contributes to the mild, delicate flavours of the cheeses.”

Amanda and Lindsey started their goats’ cheese adventure with a small herd of 25 milking does and expanded their production for the 2016/17 season to 50 does. Next season this will increase to 120 goats. Lindsey milks daily on site, and the cheese is made daily by Amanda in a purpose-built cheese room alongside the milking stand. “It’s a very labour-intensive process”, comments Amanda, “Made even more complicated as we have an existing sheep and beef farm to run plus three young children to organize: some days it feels as if my feet barely touch the ground. I do find the cheese room a real oasis, with no outside noise or interference, and as I need to maintain the sterility of the environment, nobody is allowed to barge in and disturb me!”
Amanda is particularly excited with the response to her goats’ cheeses from people who are looking for an alternative to cows’ milk products. She says there’s just something about the structure of the milk that means goats’ milk products are better tolerated by many people. “Goats’ cheese has got a bit of a bad reputation over the years for being strong and with a distinctive “dirty socks” aroma, but people constantly comment how delicate and mild our cheeses are. I’m convinced this comes down to our happy, relaxed goats as well as the freshness of the milk and the proximity of the goats to the cheese room.”

We appreciate the feeling of our feet sometimes not touching the ground and your current schedule must keep you very busy. However, you sound like you are absolutely loving whats on your plate at the moment. We are looking forward to trying some of The Drunken Nanny!

Their current range includes Fresh Lush, Dill-Lush, Cheeky Camembert, Frisky Feta, Savvy Washed Rind, Black Tie and Dancing Does.