Andrea Fox grew up on a sheep and beef farm in southern Southland. Growing up she always loved to get out on the family farm and help whenever she could. When at high school she was given the responsibility of looking after the family farm when her parents went away for short periods. This presented Andrea with a lot of opportunities to learn new skills, and cemented the idea that she wanted an outdoors job, but not necessarily farming.

Having completed high school, Andrea still didn’t have the perfect job in mind, so decided to head to Lincoln University to complete a Bachelor of Agriculture in Science. As part of her degree she had to compete practical work in different farming sectors, giving her the opportunity to try her hand at many different disciplines. These opportunities enabled Andrea to realise she wanted a role that allowed her to be outside every day, as well as still being involved with farmers directly.

Andrea applied for a trainee position as an Arable Representative with PGG Wrightson Seeds in Mid Canterbury. After training for 8 months she got the opportunity to take on the role as Arable Rep in Mayfield. Gaining this role meant Andrea was able to fully realise her passion for working with farmers, helping them to grow the best seed crops, which in time would be exported by PGG Wrightson Seeds throughout the world.

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"I find my job very rewarding when harvest is done and farmers are complaining they don’t have enough silo space. I know I’ve played a small part in increasing their yields. Every day I love being able to pass on the knowledge that I’ve gained and continue to gain every day from working with such a forward thinking company.”

There are challenges with the job. It’s such a variable industry with changing crop prices, supply and demand challenges and weather, all playing a part in the decisions having to be made with the farmers. However, this is why Andrea loves her role, its always changing and no day is the same.

Andrea is also involved in the wider ag sector through Young Farmers. She initially got involved as a way of meeting people when she moved to Ashburton. It’s now led to her holding roles of responsibility within both club and regional level.

Andrea you are in such a cool role. Not only do you get to be outdoors every day and work with farmers, but you get to see a top quality product being grown and exported for others to grow all over the world.