Six months out of school and leaving a university course she didn’t love, Caitlin McCamley found herself drawn back to the land. She applied for several jobs as a station hand before she ended up working for the McCamley family at Lancefield, Dululu. As fate would have it this is where she met her now husband.

The couple were married in 2014 and their first child followed in 2015. Caitlin stopped working on the property and embraced the stay-at-
home mum lifestyle. It was during her second pregnancy in 2016 that Caitlin found her true passion and creativity for design and fashion. With a big push from one of her friends and the support of her husband Caitlin launched her own business, G&E BOUTIQUE.

What originally started as a hobby has quickly blossomed over time into a full time business for Caitlin. With the help of her husband and a nanny to help out with the kids she is looking to grow her business by travelling to events around Queensland to reach more rural and remote women.

"I love this business as it helps other women express themselves through fashion in an industry that can be predominantly male orientated. Women weren’t created to be equal to men, but created to be what they were missing.

Caitlin is very passionate about designing, creating and sourcing accessories that are practical, beautiful, long-lasting and affordable for women on the land to help them feel more feminine and break them out of the stereotype that to be taken seriously in this industry they need to be ‘one of the guys’.

"In this industry women may think that they need to prove themselves by being as tough as men, but I know some of the handiest stock women can also be the most feminine. My business helps them to add that touch of femininity to their work (or play) by making available accessories such as scarves, earrings, necklaces and hide jewellery with a style that I could not find myself in that industry."

Caitlin describes her range as a ‘city meets country’ style. She loves hearing the feedback from ladies who have purchased her items and how it makes them feel feminine or beautiful while in their day-to- day work or even at events such as camp drafts or just on their days in town.

Your experience on the land clearly helps to define your fashion range, Caitlin. We like your philosophy that women can still maintain their femininity while getting their hands dirty. Keep up the great work.