Agronomist Camilla Contrini’s love of farming all began at the age of ten when her father bought her her first ten sheep. Born and raised in Southern Italy, her love for animals and the natural world grew, and she enrolled at Agricultural University, specialising in zootechnics.

Spending her summer holidays working in alpine pastures, Camilla describes the best experience of her life as managing more than 1000 sheep. She went on to work with goats and cattle, milking by hand in the traditional way, an experience that remains in her heart.

Now working as a teacher, Camilla loves nothing more than to show young people the extraordinary world of farming, where there is no time for holidays, and you are personally responsible for the food eaten every day. Where people are not judged by owning the latest gadgets or designer clothes.

Camilla also works with the website, MyItalianFarmers, which promotes the life of innovative farmers throughout Italy. She enjoys sharing photos of life as an AgWoman that she feels thankful for, and loves photoblogging to allow people to get a glimpse of the wonderful world she is living in.

Sharing your love of agriculture and farming with others through teaching and photoblogging are both crucial ways to promote the primary industries. We love your work Camilla!