From a very young age it was clear that Casey King was destined to a future in farming. Growing up at 'Longhill' up the Awatere Valley in Marlborough, she was involved in any family farming operation whether she was in the backpack with her Mum, Philippa, or mustering on horseback with her Dad, Craig.


Used to the freedom of the farm, the move to boarding school in Nelson was a huge change for Casey. Attending Nelson Girls, she chose to study agriculture, and had to do so via correspondence. Following school Casey spent a year completing casual work around Marlborough, mainly up the Awatere and Avon Valleys. She used this time to build up her team of dogs and gain valuable on farm experience.

"My dogs are really important to me, I have a team of seven dogs, all I have trained myself. My Dad was a pretty key person in getting me into farming and he, as well as others, have really helped me get started with my dogs and other bits of advice along the way."

An opportunity then arose for Casey to join the team at 'The Muller Station', a 39,000h high country property at the top of the Awatere Valley. Here Casey thrived, with most stock work completed on foot and lots of opportunities to work with her dogs. Despite the extreme conditions all year round she loved her time spent in the high country.

In early 2018, Casey made the move to the North Island to work for Hugh and Prue Lilburn on their Hunterville property. After the isolation of the high country she has dived into all aspects of the community and the many social opportunities that the area has to offer. She is loving the change in pace as well as experiencing a change in farming.

"I'm a pretty laid back person, I go with the flow and thats what I love about farming and the lifestyle. I can't imagine doing anything else."

Casey you have had a great start to your farming career. Seeking guidance and advice from those around you is such a key part of learning in this industry and we think you are doing a great job at setting yourself up for further success.