Chanelle O'Sullivan is an extreme multitasker working within Agribusiness.

Chanelle always cringes when asked what she does. She is a mum to two.. and a passionate agriculture lover. Chanelle is a connector, an ideas person
and she loves to tell the story of what the primary industry can provide – whether it be personally or professionally.

"Each week amazes me and I am certainly at capacity of ‘Stop saying yes Chanelle!"

"Each week amazes me and I am certainly at capacity of ‘Stop saying yes Chanelle!"

Chanelle works mainly as a rural social media marketing specialist. Her work is mostly from home, though with her roles with the New Zealand Landcare Trust and Grass Roots Media, she does travel regularly to meet new people
and learn new things. She also runs a 8600 women strong Facebook group – Farming Mums NZ, which, thanks to the Kellogg Rural Leadership Programme and a bunch of supporters, is about to take off and be able to provide more opportunities for more women. #watchthisspace

Chanelle loves what she does, but recognises that everything she is doing right now is not planned. None of it. It all just came from ‘doing’ as essentially everything was born out of FMNZ. Every week provides new
ideas, opportunities and possibilities.

"Each week amazes me and I am certainly at capacity of ‘Stop saying yes Chanelle!’. I am an eternal optimist and believe ANYTHING is possible if you work hard enough for it. Do things for free, offer your ear or a hand, be kind – you never know what will come back around."

Chanelle also has a ‘Just for fun’ blog/Facebook page – ‘Just’ a Farmers Wife which is mostly a way for her to share her thoughts, ideas, recipes, rural
scenery and get in touch with others doing similar things.

"As a little bit of new news, something I haven’t told anyone yet is (drumroll please) that come June, I will be writing for CountryWide’s ‘Homepaddock’ column! gulp. An exciting but slightly daunting opportunity of which my high school English teacher would be mortified by…"

There are many new happenings in the horizon for Chanelle, which will be let out of the bag in the coming few months!

Chanelle's words of wisdom for any women working in or around the New Zealand agri-sector would be – 'Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it – and I mean that with all sincerity, You CAN do it and don’t let anyone get in the way of that.'

Weehoo Chanelle! You are smashing this multitasking business. We are all right behind you on your next, very exciting journey!