When you throw an 18-month old on a horse and tell her to sit up straight and hold on, there’s no hope in turning that young girls heart around when she realises that majestic feeling of being on board such a powerful animal. Chelsea Millar’s love for equines started from a very young age, but so did her love for the land.

At the age of three her family moved back from Wellington to her mother’s home town of Wanganui, onto a 22-acre lifestyle block. The family built their own country home on the property and you could have easily been mistaken that she would turn into a builder. The amount of time Chelsea spent in the tradies caravan and the number of nails she ‘pretended’ to help hit into wood, could quite easily have accounted for several building apprenticeship hours!

However, it was the arrival of her first pony Tadpole, which ignited a lifelong love for equines. The property they bought was directly across from her cousin’s farm, where Chelsea was incredibly lucky to have 2500 acres of sand country to ride on and learn the ropes of farming when she could.

Chelsea 100% attributes her love for the land to her Pop and Mother - it seems the green blood runs in the family. Both lovers of the land and the equine species, there was no way Chelsea wasn’t going to get a thirst for the agricultural industry. "My Pop was riding horses until he was 92 – how can you not love that?!"

Convinced by the Head of the Ag department at Massey University to pursue an agribusiness degree her knowledge and passion continued to grow. "I’ve had many career highlights and lowlights since then, but the knowledge and connections I gained while at Uni has set me up for life. However, I continue to learn!"

Chelsea now sees herself playing an integral part in helping tell the stories of our industry and why it’s such an awesome community to be part of. Everyone she meets is super passionate about everything ag, and she can’t help to continue to have her passion for the sector reignited again and again.

"I can’t wait to influence the next generation of #agvocates into the industry, ride horses over hills for days, produce some fine sheep milk products and show the world why being a Kiwi aggie beats any other career in the world hands down!!"

Chelsea, you are a agriculture and primary industries social media wiz! Thanks for all that you do, to help tell the stories of such hardworking members of our rural communities.