Anyone who eats has a connection to the things Darcy Maulsby is most passionate about, including food, farming and history.

Darcy is a fifth-generation Iowa farmer who, like most agwomen, deeply loves her family’s Century Farm in the Midwest, USA. Together they raise 520 acres of corn and soybeans. In addition to helping her brother in the field, Darcy serves as the farm’s chief information officer, meaning she acts as the spokesperson and handles media interview requests related to the farming operation. She is also the “chief memory officer” and serves as the historian for their farm.

Darcy’s history is what helped write her current story. All through school she worked closely with her family on the farm, from feeding the hogs to weeding the fields. During high school in the late 1980s and early 1990s she joined FFA and enjoyed many aspects of farm life, but she had no intentions of pursuing agriculture as a career. And few people encouraged her. After all, her generation was the legacy of the 1980s Farm Crisis. The unspoken message at the time? ‘There’s no future in rural America.’

Despite this uncertain future, Darcy took her dad’s advice and studied agriculture, along with journalism and mass communication, at ISU. She landed a career as an editor at the Iowa Farm Bureau Spokesman in West Des Moines in 1997 and later went on to earn her MBA from her alma mater.

While Darcy was quite content to enjoy metro living, something began to change by her late 20s. She couldn’t quit thinking about how much she truly missed the farm. After working in public relations and later as an editor for in Des Moines, she decided to move back to Calhoun County to be closer to the family farm. In 2006, she and her husband were delighted to be able to purchase a parcel of land, complete with a hay pasture, just south of her family farm.

Darcy’s skills, education and experience all cultivated her passion — sharing stories. Particularly, she loves to share stories rooted in agriculture.

In addition to helping out on the farm, Darcy runs her own ag marketing/communications firm (Darcy Maulsby Co.). Here she can help companies from Syngenta to the National Pork Board tell their stories in concise, compelling ways. Visit (and be sure to sign up for her free e-newsletter if you like ag stories!)

This woman doesn’t let grass grow under her feet for long as she is also Iowa’s Storyteller, a member of the Iowa Farm Bureau’s F.A.R.M. Team speaker corps, Elm Grove Township clerk, member of the Iowa Soybean Association’s District Advisory Council, vice president of Central School Preservation (a local museum in Lake City), and a board member of the Calhoun County Historic Preservation Commission.

She also teach writing classes and cooking classes. Darcy teaches these classes knowing the power of food, farming and a good book to help tell a great story, connect with others and convey messages that matter. She is an “author-preneur” and published three non-fiction, illustrated Iowa history books: Calhoun County, Dallas County, and A Culinary History of Iowa: Sweet Corn, Pork Tenderloins, Maid-Rites and More.

Her next goal? Write a history of Iowa agriculture.

Darcy knows when others see how the food on their plate is produced, understand the miracle of a seed, and hear the history hard-working people who care for the land, it inspires a sense of awe. With this in mind, she is honoured to carry on a farming legacy that has endured in her family for generations.

Darcy, your dedication to our agriculture story is inspiring to ag-vocates around the globe. Stay eternally curious.