Emma is Rabobank New Zealand’s dairy analyst. She’s responsible for understanding all things dairy in New Zealand. Emma is part of a wider global dairy team within the bank: there are 10 other analysts spread over six countries with whom she works closely with.

Emma and her colleagues collaboratively pull together a global picture of the dairy market, which allows them to better inform Rabobank and its clients (both in New Zealand and offshore) about issues and opportunities for dairy. In a nutshell, she’s a communicator of dairy information.

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Emma is based in Christchurch but spends a lot of time travelling the length and breadth of the country discussing with clients the dairy market, liaising with the media on current dairy news and informing internal Rabobank stakeholders of dairy issues. It’s a busy role!

She’s originally from a sheep and beef background so really loves visiting client’s farms and better understanding their unique business operations.

“I love, that within my role, I’m constantly connecting with new people, checking out new scenery or forever learning something new about dairy and New Zealand agriculture.

This industry is always changing with evolving news and issues to communicate so it keeps me on my toes!”

You play a pivotal role in helping farmers to understand data rich dairy information in a way that is manageable and applicable to their business. Helping farmers make informed decisions on farm is a pivotal role. Just as you are privileged to be an AgWomen Emma, we’re just as privileged to have you as one too.