Evelyn Leubner is from a farming family located in a small town called Marietta, in central New York, USA.  She, along with her sisters Claudia, 15 and Josephine, 12, or Jojo as she is more commonly known, are the calf caretakers on their family farm. They are in charge of making sure the calves are happy and get their dinner each night. Many think this sounds like an easy task but, it comes with many responsibilities. Their farm runs about one thousand dairy cows which means they have several calves born weekly. Its their job to make sure they get a healthy start to life and that they are content and comfortable.

The sisters started working on their family's dairy and crop farm about five years ago. Before them, the farm was primarily run by men, but that has changed dramatically of late. Over the years they have ensured that the women on the farm have a voice. Even though her sisters and herself are relatively young, they have already made many positive changes that have had an excellent effect on the animals.

A couple years after Evelyn and her sisters started working on the farm they started an Instagram page, @nyfarmgirls. When they started the page they had hopes to show the world the major role that women have in agriculture. They succeeded greatly with that and get so much support from around the globe. One of their recent motives with the page has been to show animal rights activists how animals are actually treated on a dairy farm. The girls love to show the reality of farm life, one that many people don't get to experience.

"I love my job because I get to bond with the animals everyday and I am always learning something new. Working on my family farm has pushed me to follow my passion for animals in college. In the fall I will be leaving the farm to attend SUNY Cobleskill to study Animal Science."

You girls are the future of agriculture and that makes us very excited to see what you can do. Women all over the world make significant impacts to primary industries and we thank you for shedding some light on the real happenings of farm life.  We look forward to following your adventures!