Fiona Redfern is a farmer, a mother and a wife! She lives on one of New Zealand’s most remote High Country Stations which is named Muzzle Station. They are situated between the Seaward and Inland Kaikoura Ranges. Muzzle Station has no vehicle access in the winter (or in a 7.8 magnitude earthquake which was recently discovered), they use a small plane to get to town and they walk their sheep and cattle out to the nearest town Kaikoura.

Fiona's days are spent trying to control, raise and teach her two children Arthur and Matilda as well as helping her husband Guy, manage their 12000 stock unit property which consists of Hereford cattle and Merino sheep.

Fiona has a team of mediocre working dogs and really loves to get out on a horse. "I have been known to multitask, who said you cannot breast feed, drive a truck and work a dog all at the same time?"

Fiona is truly passionate about the High Country and the distinct culture it represents within New Zealand farming. She feels it is a way of life that is in threat of disappearing as these properties become out of reach for a normal kiwi farming family. Muzzle Station was brought by Fiona's parents, Colin and Tina, 36 years ago and it is a truly unique way of life for which they will be forever grateful to be a part of.

"I love raising my kids in an environment that is so wild and free and I love
that our children can spend so much time with us while we work as I feel we often get the best of both worlds. That is not to say that it isn’t extremely hard work and just like every working mother, attempting to get that career verses motherhood balance is something I often struggle with."

Every day for Fiona on Muzzle Station is an adventure and despite the hard work and remoteness it is all worth it at the end of a day when she looks at the extraordinary lifestyle that she was brought up with and see her own children experiencing the same values and adventures as she did.

Fiona, we love hearing you continuing the culture of the High Country and making the most of Muzzle Stations remoteness. You live in an extraordinary part of the world!