Hannah Wallace grew up in an agricultural background, firstly on a dairy farm in the Waikato before her parents decided to switch to sheep, beef and dairy grazing. Being exposed to both of these industries made Hannah realise that she had a real passion for agriculture, leading to her choosing to study agriculture at Massey University.

During university holidays Hannah was exposed to the horse industry, doing both standard bred and thoroughbred yearling preps.  She found this to be an awesome experience getting to work with some top notch future race horses. She has since been able to follow some of these horses through into the racing industry and see them winning some big races both here and in Australia.

From Massey Hannah began her career with Ravensdown based in Fairlie in South Canterbury. Moving south from Te Awamutu was a massive change for Hannah.  She describes it as an awesome experience to date, and has given her great exposure to a number of different industries, including cropping and deer as well as sheep and beef and dairy on a much larger scale.

Hannah's current role with Ravensdown is as an agri manager, meaning she spends most of her time out in the field soil sampling and completing fertiliser recommendations for farmers. Hannah also does a small amount of agronomy work which adds another angle to her role which she really enjoys. She finds it really rewarding to be able to follow a crop through from start to finish and has expanded her knowledge of seeds and chemicals. The support she receives from everyone within Ravensdown is incredible and one of the reasons why she loves her job so much.

 "It has been awesome to see the effort my parents have put into their farming operation over the years and seeing them be able to expand and diversify this season by purchasing an adjoining dairy farm. With my sister Louise going back to the farm with her husband Thomas, it has been good to see mum and dad being able to step back slightly and enjoy doing a bit more for themselves knowing the farm is in capable hands. One day it would be good to head back a bit closer to home and possibly back to the farm but I am in no rush at the moment."

Although Hannah is a long way from home she is loving the experience of living in such an awesome part of New Zealand. Hannah is adapting well to the varied climate of the south island and has taken on a few new challenges including attempting to ski this winter.

Hannah, It is super cool how your job has not only pushed you outside of your comfort zone, but you have embraced every element of it.All the best when hitting the slopes next winter!