Isabelle Hobbs is the East Coast Territory Manager for New Zealand Young Farmers & Future Beef Co-ordinator. Her passion heavily lies with youth in the agricultre industry. She is not from a farming background herself, she was born and bred in Wellington City and spent the first 17 years of her life there before heading to Lincoln University studying a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Marketing & Human Resource Management.

The ever growing divide between the urban & rural communities is a driving force behind Isabelle’s passion for the primary industries to make a difference. She finds the lack of understanding for where food comes from and the importance of the industry to the urban community is why she loves working with youth and changing those mindsets.

“Working with the next generation of leaders within our industry and developing their skills & knowledge to best prepare them for once they leave school is so important. Watching them go through the ranks and succeed and make a difference in their communities is why I love my job.”

The gap between those in rural and urban settings is something that New Zealand does need to work on. However, with people like you working so hard we can hopefully provide more education and understanding to those not familiar with the primary industries.