Jasmine Mathisen grew up on a sheep and beef farm, instilling a love of rural life and the outdoors. After leaving school, she completed a year at Telford Rural Polytechnic, finishing up with a Certificate in Agriculture, as well as a whole lot of practical knowledge.

Jasmine first ventured into dairy farming, and then spent time travelling around America. She came home and found her passion after being offered a shepherding job on Cleardale Station, up the Rakaia Gorge. Cleardale is a fine wool sheep stud comprising of Merino, Halfbred, Quarterbred and English Leicesters, and an Angus cattle stud. Here, over 3 years Jasmine moved into the senior shepherd position, and then Stud Manager. As stud manager she was responsible for managing the studs and ensuring the correct traits and data were recorded and uploaded into their computer program.

Jasmine put together newsletters and postcards to keep in contact with existing clients and to entice new ones, sent data through to Sheep Genetics and NZ Angus for updated EBVs and was involved in the introduction of EID tags.

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After 3 years at Cleardale Jasmine moved to her partner's family station in Kurow, where he is the manager. Jasmine completed further study, gaining a Diploma in Agribusiness through Primary ITO, and seven months ago the couple welcomed their first child, Ava, who every day brings a whole lot more challenges and laughter. Despite the move Jasmine has been able to maintain some of her role on Cleardale Station.

"The great thing with modern technology is that I am still able to pursue my career with Cleardale Station. I feel computers and technology have modernised farming and allowed so many more opportunities. I can now work from home while raising our daughter and communicate with Cleardale through email. Receiving new data such as wool traits, matings and progeny, entering it into the computer program and then Cleardale are able to sync it to their computer to make informative decisions on the farm."

We love how technology is helping to create more opportunities within the industry, and Jasmine it sounds like you are really embracing its potential! Its pretty cool that you can have a family, and still follow your passions.