Working on 67,000 acres of incredible, topographically scenic Lees Valley Station is a dream come true for Jenny McMurdo. Running a manageable amount of stock, Lees Valley Station is one of New Zealand's largest and last remaining expanses of flat, that transition into intense steep hill country.

Jenny has worked her way into farming with the help of stock manager and boyfriend, George Adams. The passion George has for his dogs and the work he does on the station has led Jenny to have immense pride in farming. She also now runs a small but powerful team of four dogs including two heading dogs Lee and Meg and one huntaway Coal, with the mighty Jack Russell, Teddy, always in the think of any cattle and yard work.


"My dogs make me strive everyday to make them and myself better. Farming alongside these amazing creatures, the power, the stamina, the strength we see in them makes us want to try harder, do more and push yourself, to get the best out of both. The blood, sweat and swearing we push ourselves through to make sure we get the job done or to help our four legged friends out."

Jenny has recently completed a Diploma in vet nursing. This has helped to make her a better farmer, increasing her knowledge of animals, and being able to field all of the vet nursing questions from her co-workers. The team around Jenny that she gets to work alongside everyday have really helped her to mature and learn life long lessons. One of the things that she has loved about working in a community like Lees Valley station is that they have all become family.

"I love my job as a Ranch Hand, learning new things everyday, getting the privilege of being horse back shifting cattle or in my spare time hunting pigs and deer, with great fishing. I could not ask for a better lifestyle than this and would recommend to anyone female, male, beginner or experienced being on a station is a dream come true."

Sounds like you have some awesome workmates Jenny, of both the two and four legged kind! Keep following your dreams.