Jessica England is 19 years old, from Scotland. She has grown up in the agricultural industry, immersed in the family farm and meat processing business. After Jessica finished school she grabbed the opportunity to travel to New Zealand to work on High Country Stations such as Mt Nicholas and Walter Peak, and more intensive farms like Lonestar Farms. She worked at Lonestar for 6 months up the Haka Valley, which truly greatened her interest in farming. "I thrive on working outdoors and learning new things. I work as hard as I can to learn more and more to put my knowledge and skills into practice."

Jessica has since returned to Scotland, where she is working within another family Team Building and Events business. This role uses her marketing and communication skills, as well as involving website updating, and sales. "I also work with the clients on the events. I thrive at this, I am a big team player and enjoy communicating and working with other people. Lucky to have a variety of experiences to fall back on, through the family meat processing company, she has been fascinated to learn about different stock breeds, how to get the quality of meat required, and meet the farmers who are responsible for providing them with this specialty.

Jessica's passion, however is definitely in agriculture, the outdoors and learning from others. During her time in New Zealand she learnt the basic skills of Sheep and Beef farming; drenching, tailing, stock rotations, weighing, yard work, cattle work and general farm duties. It is her dream to expand her knowledge and would love to return to New Zealand to learn more about the industry. "My goal is to return to New Zealand and find a job where I can express my passion and interest in the farming world. I would love to learn about different breed types, and distinguishing quality within the meat products. In the future I would love to share with others my knowledge and enthusiasm.

Jessica you have a passion and enthusiasm for agriculture and the primary industries that is contagious.  All the best for a bright future!