Like so many girls, horse mad Juliet Orazietti, from Ontario, Canada, dreamed of being a vet.

However, this wasn’t to be. She ended up studying and graduating from the University of British Columbia with a BSc in Applied Animal Biology. During the summer months she took up a job sheep farming at a local biodynamic vineyard. She fell in love.

After being rejected from vet school in Canada, Juliet was over the moon to receive an offer from the Royal School. However, after looking at how much the course would cost, she began to really consider her options. Working so hard to be forever in debt began to seem less appealing and all those warnings from the vets in her life had made an impression. She chose academia instead, studying an MSc in Animal Breeding and Genetics in Vienna, Austria.

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Her defence was approaching when she was offered something she couldn't turn down. Would she and her Austrian boyfriend be interested in taking over the sheep farm that made her fall in love with sheep? They couldn't say no, and packed up their belongings to become full-time farmers.

In the end, Juliet has ended up with both things - she is in debt for the long haul and she works incredibly hard but she has the real joy of knowing her animals and keeping them happy and healthy. Since taking over the farm, Juliet has grown the sheep flock and introduced pigs, taking advantage of being in such a touristy area, almost devoid of animal agriculture.

“I really enjoy the education aspect of my job too. It means that we have the opportunity to teach people about their food, how it gets to their plate - the whole story. It’s really fulfilling.”

The self confessed eternal optimist explained: “I think it’s best to teach by example and because I was given a golden opportunity to do it, you don’t just turn this kind of thing down without giving it a chance!”

We love you have found something you enjoy so much. Agriculture is so much more then an industry and for many it is a lifestyle. We think you sound pretty at home with where you are at in career! Great work Juliet!