Kate Poulsen is a shepherd at heart and cheekily calls her self a High Altitude Mob Officer. To this 22-year-old her job is more than a career, it's been an undeniable calling as she has been working sheep, cattle and deer since she left school in Otago. She grew up on her parent's farm and knew once leaving school that this was exactly what she was going to pursue.

“I am a shepherd because I love the lifestyle that it allows me to live,” Kate says. She enjoys everything the agricultural industry has to offer. She loves that her day-to-day is always unique and she is regularly challenged.

Kate’s varied daily tasks involve stock shifts, feeding out and maintenance. Summer work is hands down her favourite time of the year and she believes she is always in the best company — her dogs. Kate is most passionate about her dogs and without them she claims she would either be unemployable or very fit.

Kate is understandably proud of her current role and how hard she has worked to get here without letting anyone put her down because of her gender.

“Shepherding isn’t a job I choose to do, it’s a lifestyle I choose to live and if I’m still living this lifestyle in 50-years time, I’ll still be a very happy girl.”

Kate, if you are still shepherding in 50 years time, we will be very lucky. We are fortunate that you are in our ranks and look forward to watching where you continue to lead!