Following on from last nights story, Kiri Elworthy is the business partner of Jenny Bargh at the Tora Coastal Walk.

Kiri Elworthy was a 23 year old single mother when she met her future husband James at a 21st (he’d gatecrashed!) in 1994. Kiri had completed a Bachelor of Arts at Victoria University and was part way through a Post Graduate Diploma in Museum Studies. Needless to say, there hasn’t been too many openings for her in this field at Tora.

Luckily, Kiri had grown up on a farm and moving out to Tuturumuri was relatively easy. The local school was looking for a new bus driver at the time and before she knew it she was signed up! Driving the bus was the perfect way to get to know the community. "At times the children would forget I was there, you wouldn’t believe the things I heard!."

Kiri's Mother-in- Law Jane Elworthy had just started the Tora Walk with Jenny Bargh. Kiri was happy to help in those early days doing a little bit of cooking and cleaning the accommodation in between driving the school bus and looking after toddlers. When Jane left the farm in 1999, Kiri purchased her share of the walking business and the pair carried on.

Over the years Jenny and Kiri have established a rock solid relationship. Together they have managed to build the business into a serious financial venture that supports and enhances each of their farming operations.

"Our walkers are fascinated with our lifestyles. We have three days in which to educate and enlighten large groups of often urban based walkers on what it is to be an average New Zealand farmer. We care deeply for the environment, we’re passionate about our community and we’re proud to be sheep and beef farmers (and we can cook!). We’re in a powerful position to bridge the urban/rural divide and we love what we do!"

Kiri, you and Jenny are running such a fantastic venture that really enhances your farming enterprise. We love that you do all that you can to help educate and enlighten those who are unfamiliar with farming life.