Kodie Tuhakaraina was brought up on dairy and sheep farming operations as a child, farming has always been something close to a second language for her. As a teenager she ventured away from home and the farm to pursue a career in hairdressing. She spent three years training and continued into full-time work for a further four years, reducing her hours to part time since having children.

Despite forging her career off farm Kodie has always found herself lucky enough to keep her hand in the farming industry. She has always been available for relief milking, both rotarys and herring bones. As well as being spoilt for choice in all areas of farming from animal husbandry, assistant A.I technician, digger experience, staff training, and cleaning out sump holes. All aspects that she describes that she thrives on.

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"I enjoy learning something new and smashing everyones expectations! I love getting my hands dirty and getting the job done!! I'm super proud to be a dairy farming mother, showing my daughter that women can do anything is something I truly love."

Currently Kodie and her partner are managing a farm out of Riversdale in Southland, New Zealand, where they are milking 540 cows. "It has been such a massive opportunity for us. We have, and still are, learning about formal meetings, paper work, records, future for farming and so much more, which is bloody exciting!

Alongside all of the new concepts that Kodie has had to learn on farm, her biggest and most important challenge has been learning to manage a new born, and a three year old, all while getting the work done. She describes it as a huge challenge, but has found it so satisfying at the end of the day.
Being able to have her children alongside them as part of their journey is pure love for Kodie, who is so thankful to be able to have the best of both worlds.

Juggling motherhood and farming, while not easy, is a pretty cool part of the job. We think you will be rocking that front pack, all while making the most of every opportunity thrown at you. Kodie, you are a fantastic role model for your kids. Keep up the great work!